The latest travel information

Following the Government's recent advice not to travel unless essential there's been a steep fall in the number of people using our buses. We know that some people still rely on our buses to get to work, so we've tried hard to maintain key services where ever we can. Here's a summary of the buses that we're running at the moment:




To help those with concessionary pass holders wishing to make use of early priority shopping hours, we've temporarily lifted the 9.30am restriction on when passes are valid - find out more here

We're also offering NHS staff free travel to and from work - find out more here.

The limit for contactless payments on our buses has now been increased to £45 - please try to avoid paying with cash if you can.

We know that many people have concerns about the situation with Coronavirus in the UK. We want to reassure you that we continue to follow the very latest advice from the Government and have put in place several measures to protect both our customers and staff.

What are Uno doing?

  • We’re continuing with rigorous cleaning of our bus fleet, focussing in particular on hand poles, stop buttons and the driver’s cab area
  • We’ve increased cleaning in and around our depots to minimise the risk to our staff and visitors
  • Our staff pool cars are also being cleaned with antibacterial cleaner each day
  • Our drivers have been issued with disposable gloves, face masks and shields, anti-bacterial gel and we've fitted temporary screens on the driver's cab door
  • We're not giving change on our buses for those paying with cash - please try to have the right money, show the driver when you get on then slide it into the box
  • The front seats, immediately behind the driver, have been cordoned off - please don't sit here

Are there any extra measures I should take?

  • Continue to follow advice from the NHS. Make sure you’re washing your hands more often than usual, and for at least 20 seconds. Use hand sanitizer gel if soap and water isn’t available
  • Use a tissue if you cough or sneeze, and throw it away immediately
  • Consider whether you can pay for your ticket with a contactless card or device, or use our M-tickets app, instead of paying with cash
  • If your journey is not essential, please don't travel
  • Travel off-peak if you can
  • Stay 2m away from others if you do travel - sit in alternate rows whenever possible, and please don't use the seats directly behind the driver 

There’s more information on the NHS website - click here to be taken to their site.