Bedfordshire tickets

You’ll find our fares in Bedfordshire and Milton Keynes are great value for money, whether you travel every day or just now and then. It's easy to pay, too - use cash or contactless when you get on, or buy in advance on our mobile app. 

Children under 5 travel free, when accompanied, and those aged 5-15 save around a third on single and return tickets. If you're a student at the University of Cranfield get discounted travel too - click here to find out more.

If you're making a one-way journey, ask the driver for a single. Prices vary depending how far you're going. If you're coming back the same day, our day tickets are usually best value and mean you hop on and off as much as you like all day. Our bundle tickets are great value and don't have to be used on consecutive days - just activate them on the days you travel. Plus, there's no expiry date.

If you're going in a group, buy a group day rover - up to 4 people can travel together all day. 

Cranfield Connect rover - all day ticket

  on the bus on the app
adult  £8.50 £41.50 for a bundle of 5
child (5-15 yrs) £5.50 n/a
group - any 4 people £17 n/a

Cranfield Connect rover - season ticketsCranfield Connect bus

If you travel most days you'll save money with a season ticket, available for either 7 or 30 days. You can save even more when you buy on our mobile app. Use these tickets on any Cranfield Connect route.

  on the bus on the app
adult 7 day £34 £34
adult 30 day £108 £97.50
child (5-15 yrs) 7 day £23 £23
child (5-15 yrs) 30 day £81 £67.50

Season tickets between Bedford and Cranfield 

These tickets are valid on any Cranfield Connect bus between Bedford town centre and Cranfield University. Buy on the bus or on our app. 

  on the bus on the app
adult 7 day £27.50 £27.50
child (5-15 yrs) 7 day £21 £21

Season tickets between Milton Keynes and Cranfield 

These tickets are valid on any Cranfield Connect bus between Milton Keynes centre and Cranfield village. Buy on the bus or on our app. 

  on the bus on the app
adult 7 day £27.50 £27.50
child (5-15 yrs) 7 day £21 £21

Need to use other buses too?

Sometimes you'll want to use buses run by other companies too, so a multi-operator ticket is best. There are options for travel in Bedford or Milton Keynes.

Bedford Cygnet  on the bus
adult 1 day £6
adult 7 day £18

Cygnet tickets

use on any Grant Palmer, Stagecoach or Uno bus in Bedford town and as far as Wootton


 MK Move on a smart card
adult 1 day £5
adult 7 day £18
adult 28 day £30

MK moveuse on any Arriva, Redline, Red Rose, Stagecoach, Uno, Vale or Z&S bus in Milton Keynes. You'll need to load your ticket on to a smart card first - find out more on the Get Around MK website.

 MK All in 1 card on the bus, with All in 1 Card
young person single £1.20
young person return £2.20
young person week £11
young person 4 week £36

MK all in 1discounted travel in Milton Keynes for young people aged up to 18 - apply for a card on the Milton Keynes Council website before you travel​


Catching a train?catching a train?catching a train?

You'll need a Plusbus ticket, and we accept Bedford and Milton Keynes Plusbus tickets on all our buses within each area zone.

Find out more on the Plusbus website.