refund policy

Uno strives to deliver the best possible service and value for money to every customer for every journey. In the event that a published journey is cancelled due to reasons within our control, customers may apply for a refund for any reasonable alternative travel undertaken between the same or any equivalent points.

Refunds will be made in a fair and consistent manner. Uno will exercise discretion in some case as we recognise that circumstances and customer's situation may differ.
Refund requests must be submitted in writing to the Uno Customer Services team within 14 calendar days of the date of travel. Any claim received after that period will not be processed. Refunds will be made by BACS transfer, therefore you bank account name, account number and sort code are required in order to complete this. Once approved, the refund will usually be paid within 14 days (longer over periods with a bank holiday). Uno reserves the right to refund credit onto an M-ticket or offer travel vouchers (either paper or electronic) as an alternative to a refund in some circumstances.

Customers must enclose a copy of the replacement method of travel ticket or receipt in order for the company to consider a refund, which must not have been defaced or altered in any way and be legible. In the event of alternative travel being obtained there will be a maximum limit of £35 per journey refunded.

Refunds will not be made to any Uno staff pass or friends & family staff pass holder, or any customer holding another bus companies staff or friends & family pass holder. Refunds will not apply to any service that Uno operates on behalf of Transport for London; these matters are processed by the TfL Customer Contact Bureau. Refunds for cancelled journeys on Herts Lynx will be considered separately by Uno’s management team.

Cancellation of season tickets may also be considered upon a written application to the Uno Customer Services team stating the reason why. Uno will monitor all reasons for all customer refund requests. Refunds are calculated using the Uno Bus Season Ticket calculator. An admin fee of (20%) will be applied to the value of any unused days in the case of any cancelled or returned season ticket. The Season Ticket must be surrendered to Uno before a refund is considered.

Refunds for cancellations or delays for reasons outside our control, such as traffic congestion or poor weather, will not normally be made. A member of Uno’s management team will authorise each and every refund being processed and that decision is final.