Oaklands College students

If you're studying at Oaklands College, choose the easy way to get there with Uno. Several of our frequent buses stop right outside Oaklands, and you'll also be eligible for discounted travel too.

At the moment, everyone who travels on public transport needs to wear a face covering while on board. Click here to find out more about this, and the other measures we've got in place to keep everyone safe when they travel.
getting to campus

St Albans Campus 
get off on Hatfield Road - click on a route to see the timetable

Alban Way 601 from Welwyn Garden City, Hatfield or Borehamwood, up to every 30 mins
route 602 from Watford, Hatfield or St Albans, up to every 30 mins  
route 612 from Luton and Wheathampstead, peak times only (route 612 will be restarting in September 2020)

Welwyn Garden City Campus
get off in the bus station, the campus is just a few minutes walk - click on a route to see the timetable

Alban Way 601 from Borehamwood, St Albans or Hatfield, up to every 30 mins
Tigermoth 653 from New Greens, St Albans or Hatfield, up to every 20 mins

discounted travel for students

Show your Oaklands id pass to the driver when you get on the bus - you'll get a discounted ticket and travel from as little as £1 per day.

If you get on in zone 1, buy a bundle of 10 day tickets for just £10 on the Uno buses app. Buy in advance, then just activate one each day you travel. Use them on any Uno bus in zone 1, any day of the week.

If you prefer to pay on the bus, a zone 1 day ticket will cost £1.10 - pay the driver with cash or contactless when you get on.

Live in zone 2? A bundle of 10 day tickets costs just £20 on our app, or a day ticket costs £2.20 if you pay on the bus. Download our zone map to check which ticket you'll need.

download the Oaklands ticket zone map

Remember, our bundle tickets have no expiry day and are valid at weekends too - you'll save a lot over the year when you buy on the Uno buses app.

Plus, our app will show you where your bus is live on a map and, if you're going somewhere new, use it to plan the best way there by bus.

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