enthusiasts area

We love what we do at Uno so we like to encourage those with an interest in our buses and services. 

We've got a modern and varied fleet of both single and double deck, and many are route branded.

If you'd like to photograph our buses, we find the best places are in the town centres we serve. There are lots of buses passing through, both ours and from other operators, and you'll get an interesting background too.

Download our current fleet list here

There are (unofficial) groups on social media too, where you can keep up with some of the latest fleet news - click the icons below to join up.


Fleet news

September 2020:
- Mercedes 320, 321 and 322 are now in the latest 'Uno 2' livery
- Streetlite 46 has joined us to add capacity on TfL routes
- Northampton E200s 528 & 529 are now in generic 'Uno 2' branding

November 2020:
- BYD double decks 1471-1475 have joined the fleet, ready for the start of the TfL contract for routes 692/699

March 2021:
- Mercedes 319 and E200 513 have been repainted in the latest 'Uno 2' livery

April 2021:
- Tridents 283 & 284 have been withdrawn from the fleet
- E400/MMC buses 292 & 293 have transferred from Northampton to Hatfield; renumbered 256 (was 292) and 257 (was 293)
- E200 514 has been repainted in the latest 'Uno 2' livery