Introducing the Uno buses app.

It’s got everything you need to travel by bus.

buy your ticket

It’s easy to buy your ticket on the app. You can even do it on our website if you prefer, then just sign in on the app and activate when you’re ready to travel. 

You’ll need to upload a photo of yourself – this is shown on your M-ticket as an extra security feature.

When you're ready to use your ticket, open the app and activate the ticket - then just scan the QR code on the ticket machine when you get on the bus. The driver can help if you're not sure.

You can also 'gift' a ticket on our app, ideal if you're buying a ticket for someone else to use for school or college for example. Just click 'This ticket is a gift' during the checkout process, and follow the prompts. 


It’s always reassuring to know where your bus is when waiting at the stop – and our app will show you in real time.

You can see all our buses on a map together, or just for one route at a time. And if you tap on a bus stop, it'll show you the next few buses due to arrive.

Tap on a bus icon and the app will show you how busy the journey is, along with other useful information such as whether the bus has USB charging or WiFi on board. 

plan your journey

Having a day out at the shops, or looking for a better way to get to work? We know that sometimes it might be quicker to use a train for part of your journey, or a bus run by another company. That’s why our journey planner shows you the best option for your journey, not just Uno routes. You can even choose whether you prefer fewer changes or the shortest walking distance, too.

If you prefer to look at the full timetable or a network map of all our routes, you can still find these on our website.

So download the Uno buses app today.



We’re always looking at ways to make the app better, and for new features. If you’ve got an idea or suggestion, please do get in touch! Click ‘Contact us’ below for details.